Commissioning (Digital)


April 2017 to April 2018


System Manager for the Plymouth Online Directory. A website containing information, advice, help and support services for adults, young people and families who live and work in Plymouth.
Defined content standards and completed content audit to ensure over 2,500 pages are correct.
Development of content to help people with special educational and disability needs.
Digital marketing and social media spearhead to help ensure the team exploits digital communication channels. Approximately 25% increase in website traffic (year-on-year).
Raised awareness of the Self Assessment Referral System that resulted in approximately 100 submissions and savings of £60,000.
Extensive partnership working with commissioned providers.

Projects and achievements


Site maintenance and development

  • Identified and repaired over 650 broken links
  • Identified and removed circa 1,000 user accounts that were either spam, dormant or not attributed to a record
  • Increased the number of active user accounts from circa 575 to circa 775 (circa 2,000 accounts in total)
  • Identified and removed over 100 incorrect products being shown in the Product Showroom
  • Reduced the number of records within the directory from circa 1,800 to circa 1,500. Approximately 300 records old, out of date or the supplier no longer exists / offers those services.
  • Updated, directly, or via a provider, 1,200 records within the directory
  • Increased the number of advice pages from circa 260 to circa 300
  • Updated circa 230 information and advice pages
  • Standardised key content into a common format, language and style
  • Ensured the Plymouth City Council website, and Plymouth Online Directory, are more closely aligned in the content being shown
  • Analysis of Google information to help identity a) problem pages and b) make improvements based on how people search for this website
  • Optimised key content for SEO to ensure it ranks higher on Google
  • Provided a technical link to the supplier, Open Objects, and managed the day-to-day relationship

Local offer (children with disabilities and special needs)

  • Completed full audit of existing pages and information on the Plymouth Online Directory
  • Researched best practices and documented strengths and weaknesses
  • Facilitated workshops to help management team understand what needs to be done
  • Developed mock-up prototypes for how a Local Offer website could look
  • Developed draft information architecture structure for the content

Provider training

  • Helped and supported providers to use, and update their pages on, the Plymouth Online Directory. Delivered 1:1 training sessions, mostly online.

Social media and website stats

  • Increased the overall usage of the Plymouth Online Directory by approximately 25%
  • Developed strategy and created social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which is updated, for the most part, daily and links people back to the Plymouth Online Directory
  • Created Google Business Profiles that, with bespoke content, also link people back to the Plymouth Online Directory
  • On Facebook, the number of people who have seen content associated with the Plymouth Online Directory was 4,225 (unique users, 1 September 2017 to 20 February 2018)
  • On Twitter, the number of people who have seen content associated with the Plymouth Online Directory was 17,000 (1 September 2017 to 20 February 2018)
  • On Goole Business Profile, the number of people who have seen content associated with the Plymouth Online Directory is 2,300 (1 November 2017 to 20 February 2018)
  • Created graphics and videos to help promote specific sections on the Plymouth Online Directory and ensured key partners also share on their social media profiles
  • Created, sent and monitored email newsletters to staff and providers using GovDelivery (similar to Mail Chimp)
  • Created, implemented and managed all digital marketing activities without a budget or any financial support

New Plymouth Online Directory project

  • Researched options, and presented solutions, for how a replacement to the Plymouth Online Directory might look like and function
  • Produced a detailed functional and technical requirement document
  • Developed low-fidelity prototypes
  • Would have implemented, all aspects, of the project but, alas, the funding was not available
Project managementDrupal
Complete digital media life cycleOpen Objects
Complete content life cycleGoogle Analytics
Website analyticsGoogle Maps
Social media creation, management and monitoringGovDelivery email bulletins
Web standards and accessibilityAdobe web design and development
User research documentationSocial media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business)
User interface designSEMRush
User experience designYoast SEO
User centred design
Service and system design
System management (for the Content Management System)
Image and video creation / editing
Search engine optimisation
Digital marketing
Audit analysis
Partnership working

Many of my projects cannot be shown online due to the nature of their content but I’m happy to talk about the concepts if you’d like to get in touch.