North Somerset Council


Project Assurance


Approximately 4 months


To provide a central point of contact between the business and supplier during the implementation of a new Content Management System that was suffering scope creep, was over budget and late. Ultimately it was about explaining to North Somerset Council what was possible, ensuring the supplier knew what was required and broken bridges were rebuilt with the project being able to move forward once again.


Projects and achievements

  • Worked with North Somerset Council to help put in place a plan that reflected what they actually required and not what they thought or had been told they needed.
  • Worked with the suppliers, on their level, to explore the problems and create solutions that enabled both parties to move forward towards completion of the project.
  • Completed short-term role after 4 months knowing that a clear plan was in place and completion of the project followed soon afterwards.

Skills and technology

Project and programme managementMicrosoft SharePoint
Conflict resolution
Strategy and forward planning

Many of my projects cannot be shown online due to the nature of their content but I’m happy to talk about the concepts if you’d like to get in touch.