I have 25 years of experience in the web, digital media, communication and IT industry with extensive knowledge of idea conceptualisation, solution identification, project delivery and the complete digital media lifecycle.

I’m based in the South West of England but have worked internationally. I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of local government authorities, academic and commercial organisations on a variety of exciting web, digital media, communication and technology projects. They’ve all been different but all massively enjoyable.

My focus is on what’s actually required, ensuring the project is implemented on time and within budget and making sure dialogue is open and honest – my communication skills are second to none.

I believe in doing things once, doing it right, doing it with the customer in mind and doing it so employees have to use it.

Standardise… Simplify… and Share, which leads to Better… Faster… and Cheaper.

I like to think of myself as a nice person who has a clear eye for detail, strong organisation skills and the ability to learn quickly. Keen to be challenged, I am adaptable, flexible and knowledgeable.

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Technical courses

  • GOSS Content Management System
  • Drupal Content Management System
  • Introduction to SQL, SSRS and Crystal
  • Firmstep (Self, AchieveService, AchieveForms, AchieveCMS)
  • Open Objects Content Management System
  • Sedao Digital Signage
  • Hootsuite
  • SEMRush
  • Live Link / Obtree CMS
  • Limehouse / Objective Consultation
  • Open Cart E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • GOSS Social Media Monitoring
  • Gov Delivery Email Marketing
  • Mail Chimp Email Marketing
  • Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI
  • Google Analytics Certification (Google)
  • Google Mobile Sites Certification (Google)
  • Google Mobile Sites Assessment (Google)
  • Google Search Ads 360 Basics (Google)
  • Google DoubleClick Search Assessment (Google)
  • Google My Business (Google)
  • Google Mobile In Campaign Manager (Google)
  • Interact Intranet V4 CMS
  • Fore Point CMS
  • Share Point 2007
  • MS Server Administration & Support
  • MS Server Security Basics
  • MS Server IIS Security
  • Getting Started with MS Server
  • MS Server Administration & Support
  • Toshiba DK280 Administration
  • Tridion R5 Design & Discovery
  • Tridion R5 System Administration
  • Introduction To Networks
  • Lotus Notes v4.6 Advanced Use

… these are just the formal courses and don’t include the day-to-day skills. If you give me a software application I’m fairly sure I can figure out how to use it and how to make the most of it!

Soft courses

  • Introduction to Content Design by GOV.UK GDS
  • UX Fundamentals
  • Keyword Research (SEMrush)
  • Local SEO (SEMrush)
  • Role of Content (SEMrush)
  • Content Marketing Fundamentals Exam (SEMrush)
  • Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Exam (SEMrush)
  • Content Marketing (Hubspot)
  • Email Marketing (Hubspot)
  • Inbound Marketing (Hubspot)
  • Growth-Driven Design (Hubspot)
  • Managers Driving Licence Certificate (Plymouth City Council)
  • SEMrush Certification for SEO (SEMrush)
  • Care Act 2014 Certificate (Plymouth City Council)
  • UX Fundamentals (The Gymnasium)
  • Writing For Web and Mobile (The Gymnasium)
  • Management and Leadership: Leading a team (Future Learn / CMI)
  • Digital Storytelling (Future Learn / Open University)
  • The Power of Social Media (Future Learn / Open University)
  • Change Management Overview (Aspire EU)
  • Finance and Business Cases (Aspire EU)
  • Governance and Control (Aspire EU)
  • Planning Principles (Aspire EU)
  • Project Management Fundamentals (Aspire EU)
  • Risk Management (Aspire EU)
  • Stakeholder Management (Aspire EU)
  • Introduction To Cyber Security (Future Learn / Open University)
  • Community Journalism (Future Learn / Open University)
  • Digital Marketing (Future Learn / Open University)
  • Web Science: How The Web Is Changing (Future Learn / OU)
  • Introduction To Journalism (Open University)

Accreditation and awards

  • Colleague of the Year Nominee – Plymouth City Council
  • Customer Service Award Nominee – Plymouth City Council
  • Prince 2 Foundation & Practitioner – Office Government & Commerce
  • Information Security Management Principles – ISEB / BCS
  • Service Management (ITIL) Information Systems Examinations Board – ISEB / BCS
  • Business Analysis – ISEB / BCS
  • BSc (Hons) Computing and Informatics
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