Web and Digital Media Manager


7 years


Overall responsibility for the Devon and Cornwall Police website(s) and corporate Intranet.

Dramatically increased website usage, moved services online where possible, contributed to overall service improvement and helped the organisation embrace digital media in the right way.

Successful line management of a small team of skilled individuals against a backdrop of a reduction in resources.

Projects and achievements

  • Increased the website usage from approximately 12 million hits to over 47 million hits in 6 years.
  • Reduced non-urgent direct contact through the implementation of various online services that include online crime reporting, various online forms, the creation of a media centre, traffic watch and the sale of lost property online.
  • Produced numerous training and promotional audio visual products (DVD’s, Videos, MP3s, Kiosk, iDTV, YouTube) that required immense logistical efforts to produce the final product. Dedicated television studio at one point.
  • Completed one of the first Neighbourhood applications that can be updated by local officers. A very early adopter of Share Point and, at the time, almost nobody else was using it.
  • Completed numerous microsites to supplement the main corporate website including young people, crime reduction and prevention, media and news centre, and blogs. Also included numerous partnership work and projects.
  • Raised awareness of digital media to a workforce, at the time, not totally au fait with what it can be used for and how it might help the organisation in the future.

Skills and technology

Project and programme managementMicrosoft SharePoint
Complete digital media life cycleFast Track Analyser
Website analyticspTools CMS
Financial management (budget £100K)Adobe web design and development
Staff and line managementAdobe audio visual tools
Web standards and accessibility

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Many of my projects cannot be shown online due to the nature of their content but I’m happy to talk about the concepts if you’d like to get in touch.