Read about my current role, portfolio and the organisations I have either worked with or for.

Organisation: Plymouth City Council (Current)
Role: Commissioning (Digital)

Summary: System Manager for the Plymouth Online Directory. A website containing information, advice, help and support services for adults, young people and families who live and work in Plymouth.

Project Manager for the Stirling Road and Rees Centre Wellbeing Hubs which helps connect the local community to information and activities that support their wellbeing.

Project Manager for the South West Information Sharing Hub (SWISH).

Business Analyst for Early Help and Targeted Support, Education Health and Care Plans and Adolescent Support Team projects using Capita.

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Organisation: Plymouth City Council
Role: Corporate Web Manager

Summary: Corporate responsibility to direct, develop and manage all council websites (including Intranet) ensuring fit with business needs and service provision across the authority.

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Organisation: Devon and Cornwall Police
Role: Web and Digital Media Manager

Summary: Overall responsibility for the Devon and Cornwall Police website(s) and corporate Intranet. Implementation of strategic decisions to improve access and accessibility of the website and other digital media applications.

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Organisation: North Somerset Council
Role: Project Assurance

Summary: To provide a central point of contact between the business and supplier during the implementation of a new Content Management System that was suffering scope creep, was over budget and late.

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Organisation: Brymon Airways / British Airways
Role: IT Project Manager

Summary: IT training, website development, building and maintenance of computer servers, telephone systems and management of IT projects. Part of the Year 2000 ‘computer bug’ team based at Plymouth, Bristol, Newquay Aberdeen and Newcastle.

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Organisation: Comair (South Africa)
Role: Intranet Project Manager

Summary: Project managed the installation of a corporate Intranet for Comair Ltd (a regional airline based in Johannesburg, South Africa).

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Organisation: PC World
Role: Sales Advisor

Summary: To help / advise the public on any product being sold in the store and to sell any product, either with or without finance agreements, to the public or business customers. At the time of leaving the organisation I had become one of the top Sales Advisors regularly matching sales targets.

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Organisation: University of Exeter
Role: Internet Author

Summary: To create and update content for the University of Exeter (School of Computing) and ensure it reflected the correct message the organisation was looking to communicate with potential students and staff.

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Organisation: Pattern Analysis & Applications
Role: Internet Author / Webmaster

Summary: Working with a number of highly intelligent professors and doctors the project was to create a website for the Pattern Analysis & Applications Journal and ensure it could be updated simply and quickly.

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Organisation: University of Plymouth
Role: Promotions Assistant / Webmaster

Summary: Working as part of my university placement year, the project was to create a new website architecture and implement a new design to reflect the visual identity of the Faculty of Technology.

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