IT Training and IT Project Manager


2 years


IT training, website development, building and maintenance of computer servers, telephone systems and management of IT projects. Part of the Year 2000 ‘computer bug’ team based at Plymouth, Bristol, Newquay Aberdeen and Newcastle.

Projects and achievements

  • Project manager for new terminal expansion at Newquay Airport on behalf of British Airways.
  • Implemented a new organisational email system (Lotus Notes R5).
  • Designed, developed and managed both Intranet and Internet sites.
  • Implemented SPACE catering system to facilitate better management of food required for the various aircraft flights.
  • Implemented customer complaint database – the embryonic stages of what would become a CRM solution.
  • Implemented a Flight Information Display System at Plymouth and Newquay to inform customers of plane arrival and departure times.
  • Successful training of numerous people to increase their IT skills and overall productivity.

Skills and technology

Project and programme managementMicrosoft IIS
TrainingMicrosoft Server Admin
HelpdeskInformation Security
Tridion R5 CMS
Lotus Notes
Toshiba DK280 Admin

David Hodder - British Airways Banner

Many of my projects cannot be shown online due to the nature of their content but I’m happy to talk about the concepts if you’d like to get in touch.