If you’re looking to create, and send, marketing emails you might find these 10 tips useful.


You should be the experts in what you do and ensure you have experts from across the organisation to help you.


You should educate your subscribers about your products; teach them something of value and they are more likely to come back for more.


You should explore all the customer data you have to see what you can learn. The more you know the greater the chances are you will convert a link to a sale.


You should ensure you have a consistent user experience across all your channels. Everything needs to work together in harmony.


You should segment, analyse and target your emails carefully; don’t upset valuable customers by sending them every email you create.


You should email your customers with information relevant to them – not what you want to send them. Without relevance, your emails are unlikely to be effective.


You should be passionate about your emails and be proud. Tap into your customers’ emotions and learn to understand them.


You should be agile and react to the changing world; ensure your messages reflect what is likely to be happening around the person you are communicating with.


You should examine everything before pressing the send button – check the distribution lists, personalisation options, spell checker etc.


You should strive for excellence; be transparent, respectful and relevant to your subscribers. It’s not easy but the hard work does pay off.

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