163 quick and simple marketing and business prompts that you can customise and use on ChatGPT or Google Bard.

Includes marketing prompts plus prompts to help you improve your business, create content using social media, web analytics, email campaigns, e-commerce, improve sales and, as a bonus, improve your CV or resume.

Improve your marketing

  1. List [number] ideas for blog posts about [topic].
  2. Write a minute-long advertisement script about [product, service, or company].
  3. Create a 3-month social media campaign calendar for our product to [insert goal] and mention the channels we should focus on.
  4. Generate [number] of viral TikTok ideas about [company, product, or service].
  5. Create three call-to-action button ideas based on the contents of this blog post [URL].
  6. Create an advertising campaign about [company, product, or service] targeting [target audience]. Include key messages and slogans, and choose the best media channels for promotions.
  7. Write [number] Google Ad headlines from [URL].
  8. List common challenges faced by [buyer persona description].
  9. List the key marketing segments in [industry]. Which segment has the biggest opportunity for our [company, group, organisation, business]?
  10. Write marketing copy to make my marketing emails more engaging. The copy must be about our [product, service, or company].
  11. Write an email subject line convincing potential customers to switch to our service.
  12. What are the 10 main points that are crucial to marketers trying to acquire new customers?
  13. Generate an AIDA for [product or service].
  14. Write five tweets to generate interest in [product, company, or service].
  15. Write a promotional LinkedIn post about [product or service].
  16. Write a 3-second Facebook Ad copy about [product or service].
  17. Write a press release about our upcoming event. Include the event’s date, time, location, and purpose.
  18. Generate five different YouTube descriptions for our video about [topic].
  19. Generate questions for a Facebook poll about [topic].
  20. What marketing channels have the highest ROI?
  21. List ways to market my brand on TikTok.
  22. How can influencer marketing generate leads?
  23. What marketing tactics should I leverage to reach my target audience?
  24. What marketing channels have the lowest ROI?

Improve your business

  1. What are the top trends in [your industry] for [year or month]?
  2. What are the most important metrics to measure the success of our business?
  3. List ways to reduce costs and increase profitability.
  4. How can we use social media to increase brand awareness?
  5. How can we improve search engine optimisation for our business?
  6. How can we improve our customer service experience?
  7. What are some ways we can boost productivity and employee engagement?
  8. What are the best tools for budgeting?
  9. How can A/B testing improve our website’s performance?
  10. How can we use automation to simplify our marketing and sales tactics?
  11. List the ways we can use a webinar to increase brand awareness and leads.
  12. What are the best practices for creating a strong company culture?
  13. Generate ways to use virtual tours to showcase products and services.
  14. List the benefits of using a digital asset management tool to organise and share company assets.
  15. List the benefits of using a customer journey mapping tool to improve the customer experience.
  16. Generate different ways to use augmented reality to enhance our [product or service].
  17. List the different ways we can implement a customer loyalty program to increase sales and retain customers.
  18. How can we use customer testimonials to boost our brand’s trust and credibility?
  19. What are some customer onboarding best practices?
  20. What are some employee onboarding best practices?
  21. What are some common mistakes start-up companies often make?
  22. How can I boost employee retention?
  23. What are the best practices for maintaining high morale within your organisation?
  24. What are the best practices for start-up businesses?

Create content and using social media

  1. Write an 800-word blog post about [subject], and include the following keywords in the headline, subheading, and body paragraphs: [Keywords]
  2. Write a list of blog titles that include statistics on [topic].
  3. Write a YouTube video script about [product, blog, company, etc.].
  4. Write a 100-word Instagram caption about [topic] in an informative and friendly tone, and include relevant hashtags.
  5. Write 10 YouTube headlines about [topic] and include the words [keywords].
  6. Generate a Twitter thread about [topic].
  7. Analyse this blog post for plagiarism.
  8. Check this blog post for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  9. Generate 5 ideas for YouTube videos about [topic, industry, company, service, product, etc.].
  10. Create a script for a web series that educates viewers about [topic].
  11. Write a script for an hour-long podcast episode about [topic].
  12. Write an engaging script for a virtual product launch.
  13. Generate a simple, high-quality image for social media for a [type] company. The goal of the image must be to acquire new customers.
  14. Translate the following content into [language]: [copy].
  15. Write an outline for a blog post about [topic]. Include the keywords [keywords] in the headline and subheadings.
  16. Build a reader persona for [page description].
  17. Make the following copy more creative: [copy].
  18. Simplify the following copy to make it easy for Grade 3 children to read.
  19. Rephrase the following copy:
  20. Write an engaging video script about [topic].
  21. What are common mistakes marketers make in content creation?
  22. What are the best practices when marketing on Instagram?
  23. How can companies find influencers to collaborate with?
  24. What are the benefits of influencer marketing?
  25. List five ways to generate leads from YouTube.
  26. List ways to convince customers to buy a product via Instagram.

Understand your web analytics

  1. What are the most important KPIs for [industry]?
  2. Write a SWOT analysis for our website traffic.
  3. What is a good bounce rate for our website?
  4. How do we boost leads on our website?
  5. What are the best website analytics tools?
  6. How can I track my company’s analytics on social media?
  7. How did I determine which channel generates the most web traffic for my brand?
  8. What social media platform generates the most leads?
  9. How can I optimise my website to rank higher in SERPs?

Create better email campaigns

  1. Generate [number] subject lines for an email campaign about [product or service.].
  2. Write [number] holiday-themed subject lines about clothes shopping.
  3. What are the best subject lines to increase open rates?
  4. What are the best practices for writing an engaging email subject line?
  5. Write 10 post-purchase email subject lines for [company].
  6. Write the body copy for a promotional email campaign about [company] spring sale. Write in an upbeat and friendly tone.
  7. Write a follow-up email for [your brand] with the subject line: [your subject line].
  8. Write an outline for a weekly email newsletter from [brand] to [target audience]. Include an intro, main point, conclusion, and call-to-action in the outline.
  9. What are the best practices for writing engaging email copy for a marketing campaign?
  10. List 5 topics I should write about in my next email newsletter.
  11. How can I avoid my emails being marked as spam?
  12. How can I improve my sender’s reputation?
  13. How can I ensure my emails are easy to read and navigate on mobile devices?
  14. How can I make my emails load faster on mobile devices?
  15. How should I format my images and media to load properly on mobile devices?
  16. List the most common reasons emails are not delivered to the inbox.
  17. List the best practices for optimising an email for mobile devices.
  18. What are the most common reasons customers unsubscribe from email lists?
  19. What are some of the best tools to manage marketing email lists?
  20. How can I boost email subscribers?
  21. How can I improve my business email list?
  22. What factors can decrease email open rates?
  23. What factors can boost email open rates?
  24. List the top 5 email marketing tools.

Improve your e-commerce

  1. Write a description for a [product type] and include [product attributes] and [keywords].
  2. Generate a list of 20 audience demographics that would benefit from a [product or service].
  3. Think like an e-commerce expert and write 10 frequently asked questions for [your website name and URL].
  4. Think like an e-commerce SEO expert and write a meta tile for [your brand name] in the [industry].
  5. Behave like an e-commerce SEO expert and write a meta tile for [product name] from the [industry name] industry.
  6. Write a title page for [e-commerce website URL] and include [keywords].
  7. Write a meta description for [e-commerce website URL].
  8. Craft informative content for our e-commerce About Us page.
  9. Act as an e-commerce expert and craft a product collection description for the [product] from [brand].
  10. Act as an e-commerce merchandising specialist and draft a product title for [product] from [brand].
  11. Create an e-commerce campaign for [product, brand, or service].

Improve your sales

  1. What are cross-selling opportunities available for my [type] business?
  2. What are some creative ways to generate leads?
  3. Create a personalised sale email for potential customers. Include [topic, brand name, promo offers, etc.].
  4. What product customisation would you recommend for this customer? Include customer details in the prompt.
  5. List 10 keywords people might use when searching for our [product].
  6. Create five persuasive points to encourage customers to buy our [product].
  7. List three compelling reasons our customers should buy [product or service].
  8. List [number] personal branding types I can use for social selling.
  9. What kinds of content categories and topics can I create for social selling on Instagram?
  10. Write a sales landing page description for [product].
  11. Write a cold email to a prospective customer introducing my [company or organisation] and how it can benefit them using [selling points].
  12. Write a sales pitch about [product].
  13. Act as a salesperson and market [product or service] to me.
  14. Act as a salesperson and answer this question about [product or service].
  15. Write the text for a social media ad highlighting the [product or service]. Highlight paint-point-specific questions.
  16. Generate five buyer personas I should include in my cold outreach.
  17. List five personal branding archetypes I could use for social selling on LinkedIn.
  18. Generate a script to use when cold-calling start-up founders in my area.
  19. Craft an answer to this sales question.
  20. What questions should I ask potential buyers to uncover pain points and priorities to decide if they are a sales-qualified lead for my product?

Improve your CV or resume

  1. Write a summary highlighting my skills and experiences relevant to the role.
  2. Generate a summary highlighting my past achievements.
  3. Craft summary demonstrating my ability to [skill].
  4. Generate 5 bullet points highlighting achievements in [field].
  5. Create bullet points about my most recent [job title] role, highlighting my achievements.
  6. Generate bullet points highlighting my ability to [skill.]
  7. How can I make my resume stand out against other candidates?
  8. What are common mistakes job seekers make on their resumes?
  9. What are some resume best practices to improve my job search?
  10. What are some common formatting mistakes I should avoid in my resume?
  11. Copyedit my resume for any spelling or grammatical errors.
  12. What are some [industry] resume best practices?
  13. What resume design tools can I use to make my resume stand out?
  14. Review my resume and suggest improvements and edits.
  15. What are the most important keywords for applicant tracking systems to include in my resume?
  16. How can I make my resume more concise?
  17. What should I include on my resume if I’m applying to [specific industry]?
  18. How do I tailor my resume to specific job postings?
  19. How can I make my resume more visually appealing?
  20. How can I make my resume more visually appealing?
  21. How can I get my resume directly to the hiring manager?
  22. How soon after submitting my resume should I follow up on a job posting?
  23. What should I include on a marketing resume?
  24. Based on this job description, what words should I include in my resume?
  25. How do I condense my [number] years of experience into a one-page resume?

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