Using this script to help you test websites, apps or any other piece of digital software will help you cover all the key points.

My task is ____________________

Before I start, I would expect to see ____________________

Looking at the {website page}, my initial first impression is that ____________________

I can see various navigation options that include ____________________

Initially, my eyes are drawn towards ____________________

Starting at the top of the screen, and working down I can see ____________________

I have found the information on the {website page} that I believe allows me to complete my task, which is ____________________

I have not been able to find information that easily allows me to complete my initial task of ____________________

I am now going to try different options which include ____________________

Overall, my experience of the {website page} is that ____________________

Based on how easy it was for me to complete the task, I would give this {website page} a score of ____________________ out of 10.

Improvements that could make this task easier to complete might include ____________________

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