Content repurposing is changing content you have already created so it fulfils a new purpose, a different goal or appeals to a new audience. You are trying to stretch, and exploit, your valuable content so it goes as far as possible. 

Benefits of repurposing content 

By repurposing content, you can

  • build a more comprehensive collection of content
  • tailor your content for different audiences
  • match the information your customers need, at different stages of the buyer’s journey, much quicker and easier
  • reduce the overall time it takes to produce content

Simple tips for repurposing content

  • Break large content sections into smaller, easier to digest, blocks
  • Don’t initially chase the top result on Google; start small, get the basics right and then grow your ambition. Don’t try and run before you can walk.
  • Pick out key messages / themes and create social media posts that highlight your message and encourage people back to your website.
  • Ensure your content matches the style of each social media channel, for example, LinkedIn is more business-focused whereas Instagram works better with images. Presentations, videos, audio, infographics, eBooks etc. are should all be considered.
  • Consider creating content for other respected sources in your industry, for example, a guest blog post or article in a specific magazine.
  • Merge content from different articles you have written to create a new article.

Within content repurposing, the phrase ‘don’t re-invent the wheel’ is, in some cases, very true. Use what you have, not what you don’t have, to create something special.

Happy content repurposing!

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