Landing pages are a really good way to tailor content to your audience after they click on an advert campaign link.

  1. Is your above-the-fold experience consistent with your advertising and your brand? Don’t confuse your audience.
  2. Does your page have a page title?
  3. Does your headline clearly define your business and what it offers?
  4. Does your headline and subheading clearly communicate your value proposition?
  5. Is your call-to-action (CTA) obvious?
  6. Is your call-to-action (CTA) clear?
  7. Have you removed all unnecessary links so people aren’t distracted?
  8. Have you checked, and removed, any other distracting elements on your page?
  9. Have you checked all your forms, buttons and links work?
  10. Does your content focus on the things that matter most to your customers?
  11. If you use testimonials are they relevant and do they accurately reflect your business?
  12. Are all your form fields necessary? Can you simplify the experience?
  13. If your page mobile-optimised? Does it work great on smaller devices?
  14. Does your page leave your customers feeling ‘this is for me’? Does your content fit your users’ needs?
  15. Finally, have you proofread the content on your page? Don’t forget this one!