Great article from Web Designer Depot entitled ‘7 simple ways to build a buzz around your new website’ that makes a lot of sense if you follow their simple steps.

  1. Tell a compelling story
    Every business has a story. How did you get started? What do you do? What’s your value?
  2. Offer incentives
    Nothing catches people’s attention like a promotion or a freebie.
  3. Provide dynamic content
    Read the content on your site. Is it engaging and eye-catching?
  4. Get feedback
    Want to get people talking about your website?
  5. Make some news
    If you want to promote excitement about your site, do something news-worthy!
  6. Optimize your social media outlets
    Social outlets don’t work unless you engage people.
  7. Focus your marketing efforts
    Don’t just try to stir up buzz for buzz’s sake. Outline a marketing plan and structure a brand-awareness campaign that fits your business model and goals.

Original author / source:  Web Designer Depot website.