A great product description is more likely to grab the attention of your customers and convert their initial interest into a successful sale.

Here are 9 simple tips that you might help.

Be unique

Make sure your product description is unique and don’t copy text from your competitors. Search engines will realise it’s a duplicate and you may appear lower in the search rankings.

Embed keywords

Make sure you include keywords in your product title and description but don’t go overboard.

Consider your audience

Make sure you appeal to whoever your target audience is; you can’t be all things to all people.

Focus on the advantages and not the features

Make sure you focus on how your product will help your customer or make their life easier. Save the features for your technical description.

Remove the content waffle

Make sure you remove any surplus text and focus on the main things you want to say.

Use facts

Make sure you base your product description on facts; if your product really is the best then explain why.

Focus on the want and need

Make sure your text appeals to people who need your product and also those you might want it (the impulse purchase)

Answer the questions

Make sure you include answers to questions your customers commonly ask. Remember they can’t, in most cases, try before they buy.

Put your product into your customer’s life

Make sure you try and show how your product might look, or work, in your customer’s home, or life. Familiarity can lead to a better sales conversion.