If you’re looking to design and create content then you might find these tips from GOV.UK helpful.

Discovery – learn about your users, your subject and existing content by:

  • finding the words people use (Google Analytics, Adwords and Trends, online forums, social media)
  • attending user research (listen to phone calls, meet users, observe how they interact with current services)
  • finding gaps or problems with existing content
  • building your knowledge of the subject and understand the policy intent (work with
  • stakeholders, policy and subject matter experts)
  • reviewing how existing content addresses user needs
  • helping your team define their focus (write problem statements, mission statements and service descriptions)

Alpha – build prototypes, design and iterate content by:

  • creating or updating prototypes
  • writing and testing letters, text messages, emails and other notifications
  • following GOV.UK design patterns and styles (share new patterns and research with other designers and across government)
  • designing GOV.UK start and done pages and testing with users
  • testing GOV.UK content with users to cover the whole journey
  • working with legal and security to understand constraints on content
  • sharing content and research for GOV.UK start, done and guidance pages
  • helping business analysts and product owners to write clear user stories

Beta – design the content for your first release by:

  • designing error and validation messages
  • showing when the online service is unavailable
  • explaining how the service uses cookies and collects personal data
  • writing feedback questions to help the team learn about the user’s experience
  • writing metadata descriptions and keywords to help users find the right service and improve search engine rankings
  • iterating content based on feedback from users, design hypotheses and analytics
  • helping your team to name the service

Live – continue to iterate the service content by:

  • using feedback and analytics to inform changes or discover new user needs to explore
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