A digital strategy is a plan to accomplish something with the benefit of digital tools.

‘Focus on the user and all else will follow’ – Google

Our mission is to provide residents and employees with the best digital services in local government – so straightforward and convenient that all those who can use them will choose to do so, whilst those who can’t are not excluded.

Ten principles

1, Relevant

Our website will prioritise information, services and links that are the most important and responsive to local customer needs.

2, Trusted

Our online services will be trusted sources of information which are helpful, reliable and valued by Plymouth residents.

3, Universal

Our digital services are open, accessible and intuitive to use – with clear messages and language that every resident can understand.

4, Authentic 

Our online voice will be appropriate for the context – ranging from authoritative to entertaining – but we will always sound authentic, human and warm.

5, Innovative

We will take a new and exciting approach to design that anticipates and satisfies customer needs without leaving anyone behind.

6, Modern 

Our design will push boundaries to ensure the online customer experience is attractive, contemporary and instinctive.

7, Customer focused

The customer will be at the heart of everything that we build so they can perform tasks online in the easiest way possible.

8, Joined up 

Our customer-focused approach means that we will work with partners to join up online where it makes sense, while always reflecting clear ownership.

9, Engaging 

We listen to residents and encourage online conversations so people can express their views, to help improve services and support local democracy.

10, Transparent 

Our default position is to make information publicly available on our website unless there are compelling reasons not to do so.

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