If you’re looking for website customer experience / user journey examples then you might find the following images useful.

Apply for a bus pass Customer Journey example

Apply for a bus pass Customer Journey example

Rail Europe Experience Map example

Rail Europe Experience Map Example

Rail Europe touch-points by channel example

Rail Europe Touchpoints By Channel Example

Ticket travel customer experience example

Ticket Travel Customer Experience Example

Blank Customer Experience Map

Blank Customer Experience Map

Mobile phone Customer Journey example

Mobile Phone Customer Journey Example

Buying a new car Customer Journey example

User story example

User Story Example

Business traveler user journey example

Business Traveller User Journey

Customer journey example

Dapper Customer Journey

Health insurance journey map example

Health Insurance Journey Map

Wealth management user journey example

Wealth Management User Journey

Buyer journey example

Buyer Journey Example
David Hodder - Five Levels Of Awareness Funnel

Service blueprint example

Service blueprint example

NHS Digital ‘North Star’ example

NHS North Star Pathway


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