At a high-level, a good website should be useful, usable, credible and accessible. All websites need to work, technically, have a great design and engaging content. Whilst all three are interlinked, the content is arguably the most important element.

What Makes A Good Website

Website principles

The aspiration is to have a brilliant website(s). Brilliant, in relation to digital content, is not cute, glamourous or catchy but simply to

  • be accurate
  • be clear
  • be concise 
  • be honest 
  • be original
  • be considerate
  • write how we speak

Content principles 

The process of finding and absorbing information on the web broadly follows seven steps.

  • I have a question    
  • I can find the page with the answer easily
  • I have understood the information
  • I have my answer
  • I trust the information
  • I know what to do next/my fears are allayed/I don’t need anything else

A good website succeeds if people can find what they need quickly, complete their task and leave without having to think about it too much.

What makes a good website?