Creativeblog has created a great, simple to follow, article to help you produce better UX designs if you work solo.

The UX design process itself is very flexible and can change significantly depending on the circumstances, with different design teams having different ways of implementing their process. A clear and concise UX process makes it possible to craft amazing and less problematic experiences for the user.

  1. Define your problems
  2. Gather data from real users
  3. Analyse your competitors
  4. Create personas
  5. Define user flows
  6. Brainstorm
  7. Create paper wireframes
  8. Develop the wireframes
  9. Build a basic prototype
  10. Refine the visual design
  11. Don’t forget design systems
User Experience Venn Diagram
David Hodder - Website User Experience Wheel

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David Hodder - 7 Factor UX Wheel
David Hodder - User Experience Banner
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